About Us

Welcome to Beauty 101

Our aim here is to provide you with the best products in K-beauty and J-beauty. Beauty 101 is founded in 2021, we had the idea of starting an online store for Asian Beauty products for many years. We found that it is considered to be quite hard and also very expensive for customers in the UK to get Asian Beauty products without having to wait months for orders to arrive in the UK. And often there are not many options out there if you are looking for some of the best in J or K Beauty. We want you to have the freedom to choose from the best of the best.

Skincare are one of the best way to start your self-care journey. Skin cells can regenerate themselves in 27 days. And a new habit can be formed in 21days. We believe that perfection is not something you can build up in one day. It takes efforts and patience. 

Let's start taking care of ourselves by starting you skincare of the day.  


All of our products are directly sourced from Japan and South Korea, where product authenticity is guaranteed. We deliver our products to you from London, UK.